Sophisticated Realism

Sophisticated Realism

Natural, organic sound with analog finesse

Make your listening experience more lifelike and feel a deeper connection with the music.

Polished, top-class user experience

Get maximum enjoyment from every listening session with smooth operation and a premium feel.

Innovative, self-developed tech and proprietary designs

XACT products are developed from the ground up based on original research and inventions.


Every component is carefully selected for its sonic properties based on extensive ear tests.

Developed by the founder personally

The XACT brand was born out of my passion project. I developed every single product for my own use and later made it available for purchase. XACT embodies the knowledge, insights, discoveries, and experience I gained from my audio journey and as the creator of audiophile JPLAY software and innovative high-end audio hardware JCAT. It is absolutely the best I have to offer.

Marcin Ostapowicz
Founder and creator



Passion first,

business second

All XACT devices and accessories were developed to satisfy my own audiophile needs and improve my system. I introduced them later as commercial products available for purchase.

Research and experiment

without prejudice

During my explorations, I remain open-minded to all possibilities, even those that may seem unconventional or are universally disregarded by others. The ultimate priority is sound.

Ear-test with every change

No matter how small, each software and hardware modification undergoes meticulously logged, thorough ear-testing. Nothing is left to chance.

No compromises

XACT products are packed with the best technology and components available. No ready-to-use solutions implemented, no shortcuts taken.


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